Monday, August 9, 2010

India and More

I've recently been 'craving' India. I'm not quite sure if craving is even the right word to use, but it is the one who's definition seems to be most akin to my desires. Of late, I find myself thinking about the time I spent there and longing to go back. I see things on facebook that are posted by people I met while I was there and I want to be standing in these places. The food, the sights, the drinks, and the interaction were so very different there. I feel this sense of being caged up swelling up within me, a feeling that will not go away, it will only grow stronger. Perhaps it is simply my adventurous spirit fighting the American way of life that is so comfortable yet so boring. I cannot forget the feeling of being alive that I felt so keenly on those streets. I knew I was not only making a difference, but partaking in a great adventure with a group of individuals who now hold a very special place in my heart. Push back one more layer and I am struck again with the wave of nausea I felt when I realized it would be only hours before I was on my way back to the USA.
I love America as well as the life I am living here, but the part of me that remains untamed, childlike even, detests the prim and proper of its daily grind. I find myself wanting to fill my pack, tie my boots, and be off on a quest to anywhere. More than that, I desire to renew the unique way I was searching for relationships and spirituality as I began it in India. I was strangely at peace because I was out of my element. My peace came from being truly alive, in experience, in spirit, and in relationships.

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  1. I experienced that while in Luxembourg. I realized that the reason I felt so keen to live each moment to the fullest, really live them, was because I knew how short my time there would be. The thing is, in life there are no guarantees. It doesn't matter where we are, whether on the streets of India or our own living rooms, we should be living life to the fullest because we don't know how long we have. Look for the adventure in your life...the people you can meet and the experiences you can have are much more important than where you are when you have them. That said, I understand missing a place and a feeling you had while there, and I sympathize.