Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm long overdue in my assignments that I gave myself over Christmas break.  The good news is that even though I've failed to report on it, I was (praise God) met with a sound measure of success.  I've read four works of fiction since my last post, two were indeed over break.  I will review them in my next posting.  

Indycc was a beautiful experience.  I was blessed by my dear friends.  It was so much more fulfilling than I had expected it to be.  It wasn't that I was going into the conference with a negative mentality, the reality is, I was just a recipient of over the top, unexpected blessing.  The price is right game show we put on, and I helped out with, flowed so much better than I expected.  People "ate it up".  For me, it was so much fun to take part.  I got to spend time getting to know some very cool people that I would have otherwise not been able to share experiences with.  If you want to know more, or are interested in going to indycc next year, hit me up and we'll talk.
My food endeavors were not successful this break.  I was not motivated or diligent to prepare and document what  I did.  Thinking back on it, I'm still somewhat bummed that I didn't do better about making this happen.  Although since the 31st, I've been able to sample a number of tasty beers.  I may write a post about them in the near future.

Unfortunately given the nature of UT and how they take pleasure in my vexation.  They print many of their own books and the bookstore website was not working for over a week so I wasn't able to get my books until I went back to school.  It was somewhat of a last minute dealeo.  I'm not happy with it, but I've yet to find a better solution.

I came back to school full of life, the spirit, vitality, and rest.  Over the weeks that have passes many of those things are somewhat emptied out of me and in need of another recharging.  I found rest in the Lord over break.  Even though I kept busy and the time went by like a flash of lightning, it was a "good kind of busy".  There was a very limited amount of stress in my life over break.

That is the debt I believe I owe.  With the exception of my thoughts on the books I read which I will happily post next time for all to read if they so desire.  I'm feeling a bit goofy so I'm going to stop before I say something I regret.