Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quick Update From My Life

Katie is out getting popcorn because she has the munchies so we will have a tasty treat for a chilly evening. Popcorn is one of those things that remind me of Autumn because I rarely partake because I am seldom in the mood, however tonight I am indeed desiring popcorn.

Right now I should be studying because I have another exam tomorrow but I have not the attention span for it. I just worked my butt off for an anatomy exam which I know I scored poorly on. I am left with very little drive to study for this exam. I intended to study while she was gone but I was distracted. The good news is that after much annoyance, I have finally come across a blog theme and background that I find acceptable. Everyone should rest easier now.

The positive experiences from my recent past are: my free oil change coupon which I redeemed today, finding a geocache (likely to be my last for the season) with Katie today, eating at Cici's Pizza for the first time (also with coupon, thanks Tyler), going to Brookside for the first time in too long, and teaching Katie how to play Dominion.