Thursday, August 5, 2010


I'm interested to hear about what everyone's experiences have been with Craigslist. I've recently been browsing the lists of items to see if I can find any good deals on, well anything really. In essence, I am working now and have pushed past the point where I am breaking even when it comes to my income vs. expenses. There are a number of little things that I would like to pick up if the price is right. Like I said, money is tight. The problem is this, it seems that people don't realize that this is the internet age. I can google, ebay, or kelly blue book whatever they are trying to get someone to buy and find out in about two minutes that they are selling it for as much or more than what it would cost to pick up a new one. It is just another situation where I find myself frustrated by people's greed and utter lack of honesty. So, what have your experiences been while on Craigslist? Is it just the Toledo area that is so poopy? Have you ever purchased anything from Craistlist? How did that purchase work out for you in the end? Comment, FB, tweet, or text responses are all welcome.


  1. Dan and I bought our kitchen table and chairs off of craigslist in Columbia. I can't remember how much it was, but I'm thinking like $60, and it was a great thing for us. Also, we sold our two kayaks on Craigslist, and since they don't really depreciate and we bought them used, we sold them for the same amount that we purchased them three years earlier. Also a good experience. You just have to be patient because people perceive their possessions as more valuable than they are, and will eventually lower their prices when no one bites.

  2. "You just have to be patient because people perceive their possessions as more valuable than they are"

    Some guy was trying to sell his motorcycle 30 percent above the blue book dealer price. It was astonishing.

  3. I've never bought or sold anything on craigslist, but I know some people who have sold things, and they had great experiences. A lot of people peruse craigslist for items they want to purchase. If I were you, I would put out the word at your church, on facebook, etc. A lot of people have things they want to get rid of but they don't think anybody wants in point, the chair we gave you.